Friday, December 18, 2015

Nothing is Impossible

Jeremy Gall teaches that nothing is impossible with God.  He states that if we have simple faith, that is all that it takes for big miracles to happen.  

December 16, 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Extravagant Love

Pastor Matt shows us what extravagant love is.  This was demonstrated in God setting aside His glory and humbling himself, taking the form of a man, and coming to earth.  He came to earth and lived as a servant and suffered for us.  This was all done because of His love for us so He could give us life and so much more.

Extravagant Love

 - December 13, 2015

Your Identity

Eddie Kennedy shares with us about what our identity really is.  Our identity is based on who we are in Christ and what we have because of what He has done.  Eddie challenges us not to see our identity in our old self who was crucified with Christ.  Let us see our identity in the new creation based on the finished work of Christ.  All that God is and all that He has, is in us.

Your Identity

 - December 9, 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Peace on Earth

Pastor Nate shares about the peace of Christ and not allowing your circumstances to dictate your behavior.  Instead of reacting to the turmoil, respond with the peace of God.

Peace on Earth

December 6, 2015

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Force of Love

Pastor Matt teaches on a new kind of love...agape love.  This is the love that Jesus brought to us.  This is the love with which God loves us.  This is a love that is a choice.  It is giving love and grace to people regardless of what is received.

 - The Force of Love

 - November 29, 2015

Pass It On

Pastor Matt shares the vision of GNC.  He shares that the purpose of the fivefold ministry is for equipping the saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ.   The believer has the preeminent ministry in the world.  The role of the pastor is to lead and serve the body.  The role of the believer is to be discipling the world  Freely we have received; freely we should give.  We should take what we have and teach others - spouses, children, family, and others.

  - Pass It On

 - November 22, 2015

How Bad Do You Want It?

Pastor Suzie teaches about biblical desire.  The definition of desire is wanting to have something, or wishing for something to happen.  Let us live wanting to have the things of God and His plan in our lives.

 - How Bad Do You Want It?

 - November 18, 2015

20th Anniversary

Pastors Suzie and Matt share during the 20th Anniversary service.  From the beginning, God laid a foundation for GNC to be a different type of church.  We have followed His leading to become a life-giving church.  Seeds have been planted in us in order to bear fruit.  Let us pass that on in giving life to others.  

 - 20th Anniversary

 - November 15, 2015