Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Awaken, Part 4

It's easy for us to become sluggish, to become content. When that happens we become desensitized to God's voice and the passion wanes. In this message, Pastor Matt Judd shares that we are not meant to live that way. Occasionally, we need a time of refreshing; we need a refill of God's joy. All that we need is found in Him if we will just let Him work in us.

  Awaken, Part 4 (audio)
  Awaken, Part 4 (video)

 - May 28, 2017

Sharing God's Love

In this message, testimonies of sharing the love of God are presented by the people of Good News Church. Afterward, Harry Judd shares that we will have opportunities with people. We need to flow in His love and be ready for those chances when they are presented.

  Sharing God's Love (audio)
  Sharing God's Love (video)

 - May 24, 2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Awaken, Part 3

Do you desire to fight the good fight of faith? To finish strong in the end?  In this message, Pastor Matt Judd shares that God's desire is for us to start our race strong and finish it strong as well.

  Awaken, Part 3 (audio)
  Awaken, Part 3 (video)

 - May 21, 2017

Trained in Truth

In this message, Harry Judd shares that we need to be trained in the truth by the Word. Our hearts can be trained to do what is right and wrong. When truth is revealed to us, we need to be obedient and choose to apply that truth to our lives.

  Trained in Truth (audio)
  Trained in Truth (video)

 - May 17, 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Awaken, Part 2

We need to awaken to righteousness. In this message, Pastor Matt Judd shares that we need to know that our natures have changed. We need to know and live in our identities in Christ. Then our joy may be full and we can then share love with others..

  Awaken Part 2 (audio)
  Awaken, Part 2 (video)

 - May 17, 2017.

Awaken Your Hunger

How often are we feeding our spirits? We need to be hungry for the things of God. In this message, Pastor Nate Barbour shares that we need to curb our appetites to the things of this world. When we practice spiritual disciplines we will grow in the Lord and leave no place for the enemy.

  Awaken Your Hunger (audio)
  Awaken Your Hunger (video)

 - May 10, 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Awaken, Part 1

There is power in slowing down and waiting. We can slow down and become of one accord as the disciples did when they tarried in wait for the Holy Spirit. In this message, Pastor Matt Judd shares that when we pray and fast with one heart, big things will happen.; we will see the miraculous. After the message, Pastor Suzie Judd shares about fasting.

   Awaken, Part 1 (audio)
   Awaken, Part 1 (video)

 - May 7, 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Joy in His Presence

As Christians, we are meant to enjoy life. In this message, Pastor Suzie Judd teaches that the joy of the Lord is our strength. We need to dwell on the Gospel and what Christ has done for us so that our joy may be full.

  Joy in His Presence (audio)
  Joy in His Presence (video)

 - May 3, 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Big Year Out There

When believers are empowered, there are great things that they can do. In this message, Pastors Matt and Suzie Judd share that God wants to do amazing things through us. We need to be go out with expectancy. Be bold. The Spirit will give opportunities. We need to seize them.

  A Big Year Out There (audio)
  A Big Year Out There (video)

 - April 30, 2017

The Heart of Worship

Worship is so much more than singing and praising during church services. In this message, Pastor Nate Barbour shares that true worship is an attitude. It is living a life of obedience and thanksgiving.

  The Heart of Worship (audio)
  The Heart of Worship (video)

 - April 26, 2017