Sunday, June 10, 2012

Poisons of the Heart: Anger

A 2009 Midweek Boost Series from Pastor Suzie
Anger is generated by the sense that someone has taken something from you or withheld something that is rightfully yours. A heart filled with anger is a heart looking to be paid back. Sadly, if the anger isn't rooted out of your heart, it will poison all of your relationships.
The antidote for anger: forgiveness
This series is especially for:
  1. Those who know they ought to forgive but can't muster the courage to do it 
  2. Those who feel that forgiving the offender would let them off the hook -and that doesn't seem right
  3. Those who have gone through the motions of forgiveness, but still deal with the old feelings and memories that keep coming back
 Anger Part 1

Anger Part 2

Anger Part 3

Anger Part 4

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